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An Update: Fertility Journey

On Sunday morning an uncommon occurrence happened for my section of New England, it snowed. These are signs of not a good winter. My regular doctor is supportive of our embryo donation. I don’t appreciate him enough. The first lining check ultra sound is scheduled for next Monday. The snow did not accumulate at all, but I am sitting there thinking… It’s going to be a tough winter traveling. Other good things are happening, I am finally earning the usual amount at the kids job. I saw how much I made last year, my first job out of grad school was higher paying. It’s brothering me… I know I am capable of more. I know my skills have a higher value. I took this job with 3 objectives. I wanted to spend more time with my daughter. I wanted time for fertility treatment. I wanted to increase my skills with kids.

All these weeks of low pay checks were getting to me, because I know I am settling for less. Since I had cancer an awareness grew, first I need hugs. Second, I am capable of so much more in life. Third, I need to stop taking second best, I am worth the best. Fourth, I am my own incredible cheerleading team. Fifth, I really should stop putting up a front that I have it under control. Yes, I have a plan for everything. Isn’t it okay for me not to have the answer? So last Saturday, I brought the book I needed to study for that additional license exam. If I have to fly 6 hours across the country, why not read. I have the red eye flight home. Trust me it’s a grammar and reading comprehension test. It helps you sleep. All my meditation tapes are still stored on my cell phone. Boredom shouldn’t be an issue. I saw this chocolate store in San Francisco that I can be my chocolate addict self in.

I have hired two acupuncturists. One is the acupuncturist is in my city, who helped me get pregnant with my living daughter and the breast cancer. The second one is out on the West Coast. I guess there is a increase of pregnancy when you have acupuncture in the morning of a embryo transfer. When I fly out the first week of December, I will meet after the ultra sound. I heard from the West Coast program that they are estimating the transfer on December 13th. I will find out more information on December 5th. I have decided not to peruse my questions about a uterine lining infection right now. However, since a fresh cycle is even higher chance of pregnancy, if it doesn’t happen then I am going to insist on a uterine biopsy.